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About the Trust


These ambitious projects come from the same people who raised £14 million to save Hastings Pier and have recently completed the renovation of Rock House with grants, loans and private investment.

The Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust is a Community Benefit Society with a strong asset lock, so that means it’s all about long term community ownership.

Our governing document, known as the Society’s Rules, can be found here.


The Board

Rodney Buse – Chair and CLT Specialist

Tania Charman – Director, Councillor, Old Hastings and Tressell (but serving on the board as herself), long-time resident of Ore Valley

Jess Steele, OBE – Director and Project Co-ordinator

Suzy Tinker – Director and White Rock resident

White Rock Project Team : Suzy Tinker, Kate Adams

Ore Valley Project Team : Tania Charman, supported by Ian Sier and Dave Hinton

Architects for the Ore Valley Project: ZEDfactory – award winning architects

Planning Adviser : Graham Fifield

The HoHCLT are seeking a mix of grants, shares, bonds and patient loans to fund this project.

Everyone can become a member and has the chance to buy shares in Heart of Hastings CLT so that the organisation is locally owned.

We already have our ‘Investors’ Collective’ group supporting our initiative to purchase property in the White Rock area. Please contact us through our online form to request information about joining this group and the benefits of investing. For the Ore Valley project we aim to raise a Neighbourhood Investment Bond (5 year loans from local people and social investors) to be repaid through a mortgage once the development is complete.