Heart Of Hastings fundraiser with the Liverpool Tressell enthusiasts.


The newly refurbished Opus Theatre, Hastings, in collaboration with Costal Productions and Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust will host a play of ‘The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists’ – based on the Robert Tressell book, performed by the Liverpool Tressell enthusiasts, on Sat 26th August.

For details visit https://www.opustheatre.co.uk/copy-of-events

Tickets available directly from BookBuster in Queens Road or Wow and Flutter, Trinity Street and on the Eventbrite link www.ragged.eventbrite.com

£13 or £11 for concessions. Two shows at 1.30pm and 7pm.

access via stair lift from Robertson Street entry.

Please contact tania@heartofhastings.org.uk for further details.

Spice Up Ore Valley – July 1st, 12 – 5pm

Our next big event plans to be seasonally hot – it’s all about the Chillis and Mushrooms!

Once again the valley will be brought to life by people power, food, drink and music. There will also be a ‘Chilli Cook-off’ competition, Car Boot/Table Sale and an Air Guitar competition. If you want to take part in the Boot Sale or ‘Chilli Cook-off’ competition, please come along to the site any Wednesday (2-4pm) or Saturday (1-3pm) or email Rossana at rossanaleal_2000@yahoo.com

There will be a £5 donation charge for Car Boot/Table Sale spots for people outside the Ore area – for Ore residents it is free.

The program for the day can be viewed here; Program for Spice Up Ore Valley

and the site map here; Sitemap for Spice Up Ore Valley

For event details see our Facebook page event here; Spice Up Ore Valley

POST-EVENT write-up and photos of the event can be seen here; Spice Up Follow Up

Chilli Cook Off guidelines – these guidelines are based on the International Chilli Cook-off regulations.

Contestants cook a chilli con carne or veggie chilli from scratch on site during the event.
If you are cooking with meat, we will supply you with good beef mincemeat in order to comply with food hygiene standards.
You must cook enough for 40 people to judge (v. small taster portions).
You will use uncooked ingredients and must create your taste sensation in under four hours, between 11am and 3pm.
The chilli will then be judged by the attending public and a panel of experts.
The chilli with the highest score wins: Prizes will range from dinner for two at a local restaurant to vouchers for a local shop.

We will supply you with cooking rings, gas and a table – you must bring all the necessary ingredients and utensils for outdoor cooking.

How the Chilli Cook Off will be judged:

• Colour — Does the chilli look appetizing? Does it look bright and colourful or dull and bland?
• Aroma — Does it smell good? Does the aroma make you want to dig in?
• Consistency — How is the meat-to-sauce ratio? It shouldn’t be runny, mushy or overly thick.
• Taste — How is the flavour? Do the ingredients blend well, or is one too overpowering? Does the first bite make you want another one?
• Aftertaste — Once you swallow, is there a spicy taste (“bite”) that stays on your tongue? Is it pleasant?

Cooking on-site

While cook-offs typically allow for pre-mixing of spices and the use of pre-cooked, canned tomatoes, competition chilli is not pre-made. Ingredients must be combined on-site, and meat may not be pre-cooked in any way.

Time limit

All cooks will have the same amount of time to prepare their entries. Contestants will start cooking at the same time, 11.00am with 4 hrs to cook,
Chili volume Contestants should cook a pot of chilli for 40 small portions!


Judging of the entries will be anonymous to prevent any bias (or perceived bias) in judging. Each entry will be assigned a number that will appear on the official judging sheet.

April Fool – FUN with Tressell

Our ” April Fool “fun event sees the launch of the Robert Tressell story through the eyes of the next generation.

Born in an era of strife and hardship Robert arrived in Hastings  aka. Mugsborough, in 1901, where he worked as a sign writer and artisan decorator. Even though educated, he chose the life of the working classes rather than the middle class, and helped shape a fairer society and bring about change.

The Heart of Hastings has identified a need similar to Tressells and created the “Power Station DIY-regen Project”  in response.

We “Celebrate” the ideals of Tressell, his humanity and kindness, his light hearted spirit  and sense of humour in the face of adversity.

Join in our event, have fun, be creative , make new friends  and enjoy the  atmosphere….

Save Saturday, 1st April as your Family Fun Day with something for everyone.

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