Full Time. £40,000 pa each

The Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust is looking for two highly-skilled people with complementary experience to lead the organisation and its projects, working with trustees, staff, volunteers, members and investors to deliver our vision of “affordable spaces, diverse communities, inclusive neighbourhoods through social investment and long-term co-ownership”. We are working on ambitious, cutting-edge community led housing projects in two great neighbourhoods in Hastings.

The Executive Director (People) will take overall responsibility for the organisational, financial and governance aspects of the CLT, and will work very closely with the Executive Director (Places) to achieve the vision behind the CLT’s projects. The (People) role will focus on the team development and community organising aspects of the CLT’s projects while the (Places) role will focus on the planning, construction and management of land and buildings. We have secured 3 years funding for these roles.

We are seeking people who:
·      share the values and ethos of the organisation
·      are committed to the strategy for the CLT
·      have the necessary skills and competences to rise to the challenges involved

DEADLINE: 9am 16th November 2017. INTERVIEW DAY: 23rd November 2017

For more information and to apply please download the recruitment pack here