Annual General Meeting 2021

All about our AGM

Annual General Meetings are a way that members can connect with staff, trustees and each other. We report to you what we did in the last year, what we spend our money on, what we hope to do. Members ask questions and members can ask to be elected onto our trustee board. Get in touch if you want to stand, and we will get you the information you need.

The 2021 Annual General Meeting took place on Saturday 14 August, at 10.00.

Papers and Agenda: agenda accounts , current board member “bios”, new board member , the minutes of last years meeting, governing rules

AGM Recording. (All attendees have consented to the meeting being recorded)

Draft Minutes for 2021 AGM

We have chosen to make the 2021 AGM an online meeting. Last year we were forced to make the AGM online because of Covid19. As many people came to it as in- person events in earlier years. While some people hate on-line, for others, it’s easier to attend.

We will have in person events again, but we will have to take it as it comes, be sensible, and be safe.