Heritage Action Zone

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Imaginative map of the Trinity Triangle Neighbourhood, by Rowena O’Reilly

The Trinity Triangle High Street Heritage Action Zone is a four year regeneration programme supported by Historic England to breathe new life into a historic part of Hastings town centre: the Trinity Triangle and America Ground.

Over four years, local organisations including community groups, businesses and local government, will work in partnership to deliver a wide variety of projects. The projects will encourage participation by the local community. We will celebrate people’s ideas, help them to shape the places they live and work, and promote stories about this special, historic neighbourhood. We are also providing grants and projects to protect and improve the area’s buildings and heritage for the future.

You can get involved in a wide range of activities from restoring and transforming historic buildings to cultural events and training in heritage knowledge and skills.

It is a much needed response to the ongoing and unprecedented difficulties now faced by town centres. The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic is just the latest of challenges facing independent businesses in Hastings town centre.

Grant Opportunities

We have three rolling grant programmes to promote and protect the heritage of the America Ground and Trinity Triangle. Do you have a building that needs some restoration, want to see improvements to a public or social space in the area, or to run a project with a group of Hastings residents whose story should be told?

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