Hastings Library of Things

Save Money, Save Space, Save the Planet

How it Works

Everyone can join the library. It is a community project organised and ran by it’s members

Members pay a small fee annual fee (£3) to join and a small fee to borrow things (borrowing fee suspended until December 2021)*

Members use the things then bring them back to be used again

(What sort of things? All sorts of things- camping things, DIY things, cooking things)

We will be open a couple of days a week to start with and more often when we have more librarians

We plan to offer a delivery service with Hastings Cargo Co in time

*We charge what we need to cover rent and so on, no-ones making a profit

Help: Join, Donate things, Become a librarian to help us lend and look after our things, spread the word… facebook, instagram and twitter

a pictogram explaining how the library works

Got questions?

Check our Frequently Asked Questions or drop us a line

Gallery of things

Thank you’s

Zed@Theythemstudio for our ace logo.

Hastings and St Leonards Men’s Shed for donations of tools

White Rock Neighbourhood Ventures for the space

Heart of Hastings for the organisational support

Oxford, Plymouth, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London libraries for advice

All our volunteers (we can thank each other, why not!?

A bag of documents: (psst– are you looking for a policy for your own group? Email us for “word” versions)
Complaints Policy Volunteer Info Principles Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy Data Protection Policy Safeguarding Policy Expense policy