Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust

Heart of Hastings featured on BBC ‘Sunday Politics’ show, July 2017

The Ore Valley power station site and Rock House appeared on this show. To watch the video segment, follow this link here


Affordable spaces, diverse communities, fabulous neighbourhoods through socially driven investment and long term co-ownership


Hastings and St Leonards is a vibrant, diverse and dynamic town, facing complex challenges. We are changing in lots of positive ways but the long term affordability and diversity of the area could be threatened by rapidly rising rents.

By focusing on two of these challenges, in the two poorest neighbourhoods – the White Rock area and Ore Valley – it is possible to bring about a change that will benefit the resident community in many ways and for the long term.

In White Rock we see our role as buying property into community freehold, including renovating difficult buildings and then capping rents to make sure there are always affordable spaces to live and work.

In Ore Valley we see our role as supporting the building of property by local people into community freehold, transforming hopeless derelict space into a new well-connected, self-built community.