Do you think lack of affordable housing is a problem? So do we, and we’re part of local, practical solutions.

We put land into local community ownership, with locally affordable rents, and you can be part of it by joining us.

Heart of Hastings CLT members are our shareholders, with ownership of the organisation and a stake in everything we do. You will need to be over 18 to purchase a share – and once you do, you become a lifetime member.

We look to you, as well as our supporters and partners, for your support, opinions, and energy.

As a member you will have:

A say and a share in how your CLT is run

Member exclusive communications and benefits

Development opportunities

Invitations to community events

We hold a formal AGM every year (in August), followed by a social event. In 2020 our AGM was held online, but in the past we have held fetes in the alley between Claremont and the Observer Building and events in the Ore Valley.

We communicate with members every month through our newsletter, but we are always open to hearing from you.

You can read our full rules and charitable objects here.