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We share as much of our data as we can under a creative commons license so you can use it and share it

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Governance and Policies

Heart of Hastings is a community land trust, owned and controlled by our members, and led by the community around us

We believe that people working together as a community should have control over the spaces we live and work in. Our aims include bringing spaces into community ownership, and to help people organise themselves to enable them to look after the spaces themselves

We are committed to providing affordable spaces for living and working with security of tenure and keeping them in trust for the benefit of all the citizens of Hastings and St Leonards, in perpetuity. Our objects are written into our rules and include providing affordable housing workspaces, and training, supporting local heritage and culture

We work together with other organisations that make up the Hastings Commons, which is a physical, virtual, and social space for the whole community of Hastings, where people ‘bump into each other’ and develop collaborations, projects, social networks, and mutual support

We are particularly committed to working together with our members, volunteers, participants, and partner organisations to create and sustain an inclusive community where diversity is recognised, valued, and celebrated

Our published policies help make sure that we act fairly and within the law, and they help people to know how to hold us to our aims, objects and principles. We review our policies regularly

We want people to participate and help to evolve our policies, so if you have a question or a comment about them, please contact us

General Policies

Equality Diversity and Inclusion Policy

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Heart of Hastings 2021 Review

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