Our Staff

In addition to our trustees, we have a small, but dedicated staff team. Each of them come from very different backgrounds and are all dedicated to supporting Heart of Hastings.

If you are keen to work with us at Heart of Hastings, click here to see new positions that are available.

Shelley Feldman Operations Manager

Shelley moved to Hastings 20 something years ago to work for a charity that since moved to Birmingham. The site is now an Asda’s. She much prefers to shop in Trinity Wholefoods.

Shelley is a member of Heart of Hastings and has worked there for coming up to 4 years. She has seen a lot of changes, and is enthusiastic about what we can achieve, if we work together and refuse to give up on the things that matter to us.

Charlotte Penlington – HAZ Administrator

Charlotte is a passionate historic building conservationist with a Heritage Interior Design BA Honors Degree. Her background is full to the brim with historic synergy and prior to taking the post at Heart of Hastings as Project Administrator for the Heritage Action Zone Programme, had worked as a Heritage Property Steward at The Charles Darwin Museum, under the stewardship of English Heritage whilst at university. Charlottes most favored past-times are scouring antique shops along the East Sussex coast for treasures and collecting Medieval cook books to endeavor successfully recreating interesting recipes!

Stella Keen – HAZ Coordinator

I was born in Brighton but am now based in Hastings, which is wonderful! I’m thrilled to have joined Heart of Hastings as the principles are very close to my heart and I look forward to new developments with this amazing organization. I’ve worked in the arts, education and heritage sectors – as a designer in web, e-learning and print, as well as producer of arts/festival and charity events, theatre shows and exhibitions. Classically trained in drama, song and dance – under the stage name of Stella Starr as director and performer – I was a pioneer of Neo-Burlesque and participatory theatre in the UK with the legendary Vavavavoom! shows in the 1990s. Since 2010, I’ve also managed my father’s art and film archive, curating international exhibitions of his work. I’m committed to making the arts and education accessible for all – helping support local community services, nature conservation and preserving local heritage. I also love painting, cooking and gardening…

Michael Amos – Development Assistant

Michael, aged 21, was born in Hastings and has lived here his whole life. He has a background in photography and is especially interested in photographing wildlife. He recently graduated from Falmouth University in Cornwall after completing a degree in Marine and Natural History Photography. Michael is currently enrolled on a work placement with Heart of Hastings as part of the Kickstart Scheme, and he is keen to help make a difference within the trust. You can check out Michael’s photography on his website at michaelamosphotography.com.