The Organisation Workshop

An approach to community organising…

The Organisation Workshop is a model of self-organising. It is a ‘learning by doing’ approach, and focuses on collaboration

Organisation Workshops bring together relatively large groups of people, with a practical (and often complex) goal in mind, and let them develop and learn as they go

Those who took part in this sometimes chaotic, sometimes rewarding workshop, share their stories in their own words

Organisation Workshop in the Observer Building, 2019

The theory behind the Organisation Workshop was created by the Brazilian sociologist Clodomir Santos de Morais, and developed by Ivan Labra

Heart of Hastings brought the model to Hastings in 2019, and to our delight Ivan Labra joined us here in 2019 to direct and advise us

Community Organiser Sam Kinch was instrumental in this project. Here he is explaining the theory: